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Burlington Professional Firefighters Association

As firefighters we dedicate our lives to protecting our community every day, we leave our home's kiss our kids and head off to the station, never knowing what the day will bring, whether it be, motor vehicle accident, house fire, or hazardous material incident our firefighters dedicate their lives to helping and protecting our community.

And for over 40 years the members of the Burlington Professional Firefighters Association have also dedicated countless hours raising money for those who need it the most and for those who strive to better this great community. We will continue to do this unconditionally because we care. It’s not about bolstering our image in your Community it’s about caring and doing what we can to help, it’s about using our position within the Community to educate people about the needs surrounding us.

We will continue to update these pages on a regular basis with our community events and our activity within this great community.


Dan VanderLelie

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